Spatially Enabling Improved Decisions

GeoPlanning Services and DataFlux Partner to Bring Enhanced Data Quality and Data Standardization to U.S. Municipalities

Partnership combines geographic information systems with data quality technologies to create single view of address data to streamline government efforts.

Cary, N.C. (May 8, 2012) – DataFlux, a leading provider of data management solutions, and GeoPlanning Services, a full-service provider of geospatial tools and analysis, today announced that the two companies have partnered to bring spatial data creation and quality control to customers. As part of the OEM agreement, the joint offering integrates DataFlux’s Data Management Platform with GeoPlanning Services' core software to enable organizations to more effectively manage growing volumes of detailed geographic data accurately, reliably and consistently.

“The interoperability of DataFlux’s solution, combined with its seamless integration with GeoPlanning Services technology, makes it the ideal solution to solve address data quality issues facing a variety of government organizations,” said Dr. Gabriel Carballo, chief technology officer and vice president, GeoPlanning Services. “As a world-class geospatial organization, it’s vital that we select superior products to provide high-quality address sources and the tools and information necessary to support improved decision making.”

GeoPlanning Services’ integrated solution synchronizes multiple address data sources and street centerlines data. By matching and consolidating data, the tool eliminates data errors and allows more accurate addresses, making it easier to manage geographic data and improve geocoding. Improved data can then be used to support improved emergency response times for fire, police and EMS crews.

Address synchronization between multiple sources improves the ability of government to provide efficient services and provide effective means to validate program compliance and residency requirements. For example, compliance with primary residency requirements for school attendance or property tax reductions can be verified through synchronization of data from voter registration records, automobile registrations and a variety of other data sources.

Since deploying the solution, one customer has improved address accuracy to 99% – helping city officials leverage more accurate data for services such as property tax assessments, school bus transportation and ambulance routes.

“In today’s economic climate, it’s virtually impossible to justify duplication of efforts in maintaining conflicting and unsynchronized address databases,” said Martin Roche, CEO of GeoPlanning Services. “Integrating DataFlux’s proven data management software with our technology enables geographic information systems (GIS) professionals with high-quality data sources so they can achieve standardization across address points. We look forward to working together to continue delivering a comprehensive solution to today’s market.”

“DataFlux and GeoPlanning Services are working together to bring more accurate and better managed data to municipalities as well as other organizations,” said Pat Herbert, vice president of strategic business relations at DataFlux. “Accurate geographic data can be a critical element in how effectively organizations interact with its customers, clients, citizens and prospects. We’re proud to partner with GeoPlanning Services to provide the best possible geographic data to the market.”

About GeoPlanning Services

GeoPlanning Services, LLC of Orlando, FL was founded in 2009 as a full service provider of geospatial tools and analysis to support urban planning, logistics, real estate and economic development. We bring a unique multi-disciplinary approach to spatial problems with a focus on fusing data from multiple sources to provide the tools and information necessary to support improved decision making. A primary corporate focus is on data quality and integration with a particular emphasis on addressing systems as a critical unifying element in many data sets. To learn more, please visit www.geoplanningservices.com.

About DataFlux

DataFlux enables business agility and IT efficiency by providing innovative data management technology and services that transform data into a strategic asset. A wholly owned subsidiary of SAS (www.sas.com), DataFlux helps organizations manage critical aspects of data through unified technologies and expertise that provide the benefits of data quality, data integration and master data management (MDM). To learn more, please visit www.dataflux.com.